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The Friday House Party...

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playing you all things house to get you ready for the weekend..

Maky started DJing in 2002 and ended up playing on manicfm in the early days. Starting with drum and bass he played on several radio stations and nights representing manic such as Desire at Scala. He then went on to play at several bars and ended with a residency at woods and buzz bar, changing his genre to house and oldschool. Forming a partnership with DJ Brooksie, Maky ended up becoming one of the original DJs for a local promotional event called #bttos ( backtotheoldschool). After spending 10 years with Brooksie, DJing private functions and bars all over, Maky relocated and took a break from playing out. Now Manicfm is back , Maky can get back to it , at one of the very first places he started…return of the Mac lol


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