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If you have won a prize on MANIC FM but haven’t received it yet, check the terms and conditions of the competition. It can take some time for prizes to come through, if you are still waiting email

Want to advertise on MANIC FM?

On MANIC FM we engage our audience through multiple digital touchpoints. Our
content strategy is simple: everything we do reflects our consumers’ lives, not ours. Every email we send to our database, every Facebook post, every tweet, directs our listeners to our website, putting it at the heart of everything we do. This builds an attractive advertising platform for our clients as we’re always creating fresh, innovative and topical content to entertain our audience.

We deliver the latest music. We create digital campaigns that deliver results for our clients. We’re experts in building brands, increasing databases and putting our clients’ businesses in front of a large digital audience.
Our websites are responsive to ensure our content is easier to consume on smart phones, tablets and computers. We give our audience a positive user experience across all devices to ensure loyalty to our brands and repeat visits.

MANIC FM entertains a lot of 15-40 year olds and is extremely influential amongst
this hard-to-reach demographic. These young people are always onto the next thing, they want or already own the latest cool stuff and have the devices at their fingertips to facilitate this sense of immediacy. It’s more than just dual screening – it’s about using multiple devices simultaneously from a mobile, to a
tablet, to a TV, to a laptop! So how do we capture this fickle audience? By reaching
them wherever, whenever, however, they want us which informs both our editorial
policy and our commercial strategy. From our youthful, peer-to-peer approach,
to our innate understanding of the changing nuances in youth culture, our ambition to never stand still with our content solutions delivers the latest trends across each platform. The strategy encompasses on-air and online, proving digital is as important as radio, social as important as live events, and they all work
together to create the ultimate 360 destination to hear, see, share and discover.

Our audience’s lives are busy, so it is essential that we make our brand
as accessible as possible. Our mobile app allows our audience to engage
with our radio station while on the move. Through our app, listeners
can listen to the radio, interact with us on social media, watch our latest
videos and be kept up to date with the latest news. They can also access
their favourite shows via audio on demand, and get access to exclusive
content and competitions.

For more information email

How can I send you music?

The music team at at MANIC are always on the look out for new music and keep up to date with what MANIC listeners are loving. Every week they listen to all the latest tunes for play-listing on MANIC FM.

From major releases new that week or tracks loved and rated from our MANIC FM DJ line up. They also loved to hear from new artists looking to be singed or just on the start of their musical journey.

Please make sure you send contact details with any music submitted.

Please send all music for MANIC radio to:

Email (our preferred option);

Want to join Manic?

Email if you think you have what it takes, then give us a shout! would be lovely to hear from you!

DJ Set Up...

You will need Landline Internet, Lan Cable connected to modem, Laptop / PC / Mic and webcam.

Software needed...

OBS Studio, Rocket Broadcaster or BUTT Broadcaster, Team Viewer.

Anything else?

Email if you have any other questions.