Our History

Manic Fm started in April 2004 and for its early life was situated under Manic Records, owned by Eddie Manic (RIP), in St Albans. Moving with the times Manic Fm is now a fully operational online radio station, with dj's streaming from any location in the World!

We also have one of the best Auto Pilots in the game streaming 24/7 when our dj's are not live and you can take us on the go with you by downloading our free app which is available on Apple, Android and Alexa.

Manic Back Then....

Its 2004, UK Garage and R'n'B are in the clubs and they are at their pinnacle, Grime and Dubstep have started emerging out the underground and Funky House is about to rule the charts in the coming years along with the next underground dance music scene dubbed UK Funky. Drum and Bass and Jungle was still being represented and It was a time where Vinyl was still the main format, smart phones did not exist, and everyone was locked into pirate radio.

Some of the regular DJ's, Mc's and Crews included Roll Deep, Kano, Jammer, SLK, Rossi B & Luca, even one of the UK's biggest stars Skepta had a resident Wednesday show with JME and company. House hold Garage names like Martin Liberty Larner, Delinquent, Elski, Musical Mobb, Sharky P, and even the late MC Sparks (RIP) all once found a home on our station.

Grime was very big on Manic it almost was one of the first homes for it, with names like East Connection, Cheeky and Manga and Nasty Crew all making regular appearances to the Manic FM airwaves.

Manic Fm always had a multi genre approach to radio we believed in giving the listener an eclectic listen and played the best in UK Garage, Grime, Dubstep, Drum and Bass, House, Hip Hop and R'N'B and more.

One of the stand out things with Manic Fm back then is we offered pretty much what is offered nowadays in a sense that we had high quality video streams documenting the DJ's and the Shows. Again remember this was 16 years ago! We was also one of the few stations that won awards against the major stations pioneering pirate radio and beating other online stations including an early Radio 1xtra.

We would like to take time as a collective to Thank Eddie and Rob Manic, for giving us this platform till this day, we still embody the old school values as dj's and will never forget the Legacy this station has been to many local and world wide music acts. Many stations like ours have fallen and ended, but here at Manic we still believe our journey is as relevant as ever still pushing new and old talent and doing it better than anyone else!

To all our listeners from the last 16 years we Love you and we Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us all this time, we are officially the longest running online station in Hertfordshire and most locked into independent in the area and this is because of you all, from everyone at Manic, Thank You.

With the Spirit of Eddie we will continue to deliver you the Manic Fm you all Love x